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Quarter 1


Chapter 1


Topics: Limits

Book Lesson Documents Video
  Chapter 1 Notes  
1-2 Limits on graphs and table 1-2A B  
1-3 Limits by substitution and simplification 1-3A B  
1-5 Infinite limits and one-sided limits 1-5A B  
  Quiz 1 Practice Q1 Review youtube link
1-4 Continuity, Piecewise Functions 1-4A B C  
  Quiz 2 Practice Q2 Review youtube link
3-5 End behavior 3-5A B  
1-0 IVT, Precise Definition of Limit, Derivative as rate 1-X A B  
  Quiz 3 Practice Q3 Review youtube link
2-1 Formal Definition of a Derivative, Derivative graphs 2-1 A B C  
  Quiz 4 Practice Q4 Review youtube link
  Exam 1 Review See Reviews 1,2,3,4 see videos 1,2,3,4
  Exam 1    

Discovery of Calculus video
A limit on life expectancy


Chapter 2


Topics: Derivative Rules and Related Rates [sections 2-2 to 2-6]

Book Lesson Documents Video
  Chapter 2 Notes  
2-2 Power Rule HW ABCDE  
2-3 Product Rule & Quotient Rule HW ABCD  
2-4 Chain Rule HW ABC  
  Quiz 5 Practice Q5 Review youtube link
2-5 Implicit Differentiation HW ABCD  
2-6 Related Rates
Common Related Rate Formulas (Quick Quiz)
  Quiz 6 Practice Q6 Review youtube link

Derivative Reference Sheet
Proofs of Derivative Rules
60 Derivatives Packet


Quarter 2


Chapter 3


Topics: Applications of Derivatives

Book Lesson Documents Video
  Chapter 3 Notes  
3-1 Critical Points, EVT HW AB  
3-2 MVT HW AB  
3-3 First Derivative Test, Inflection Points,
First Derivative Test Guide Paper
HW AB Population and Concavity
3-4 Concavity, Inflection Points HW AB  
  Projects - Ebola and Diabetes PDF  
3-5 Curve Sketching PDF  
  Quiz 7 Practice Q7 Review youtube link
  Exam 2 Review See reviews 5,6,7 see videos 5,6,7
  Exam 2 (This is the midterm)    


Book Lesson HW and Key Video


Optimization Packet Cool Optimization of an Aluminum Can Video
3-9 Differential Equations    
  Applications to economics, science, and medicine   Calculus in Finance
Debt and the Deficit
  Quiz 8 Review PDF youtube link

Quarter 3


Chapter 4


Topic: Indefinate Integrals, Reimann Sums, Definite Integrals, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, U-Substitution.

Lesson Topic Documents Class
411 Antiderivatives with plus c PDF 4-1    

Antiderivatives with solving for c

PDF 4-1    
421 Sigma Notation PDF 4-2    
422 Riemann Sums - Left/Right Rule PDF 4-2    
423 Riemann Sums - Midpoint/Trapezoidal Rule PDF 4-2    
424 Riemann Sums - Calculator and From Tables PDF 4-2    
  Riemann Sum Project in Google Classroom        
431 Definite Integrals PDF 4-3    
441 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (FTC) - part 1 PDF 4-4    
442 FTC - Average Value and bounded graphs PDF 4-4    
443 FTC - Accumulation functions, total area PDF 4-4    
444 FTC - part 2 PDF 4-4    
  Recommended Review and AP Questions PDF 4-4    
  Quiz 9 Review PDF     youtube
451 Integration with substitution PDF 4-5    
452 Integration with substitution - rewriting limits PDF 4-5    
453 Integration with substitution - tougher problems PDF 4-5    
  Recommended Review PDF      
  Quiz 10 Review PDF     youtube
461 Applications - physics PDF      
462 Applications - business / economics PDF      
463 Applications - other PDF      
  Exam 3 Review - use quiz 8, 9, and 10 to review Extra Problems     youtube
  Exam 3        

Proofs for Integrals



Chapter 5


Topic: Derivation and Integration with other functions

Book Lesson Documents Videos
511-512 Derivatives with e^x and ln(x) PDF  
521-522 Integrals with e^x and ln(x) PDF  
523 Recommended Review PDF  
531 Derivatives with inverse functions coming soon  
  other exponentails/logs    
  Quiz 11 Review PDF youtube
5-6&5-7 Growth and Decay PDF  
5-8 Inverse Trig Derivatives and Integrals & Hyperbolics PDF  
  L'Hospital's Rule PDF  
  Quiz 12 Review PDF youtube
  Exam 4 Review - use quiz 11 and 12 to review    
  Exam 4    

Homework Solutions

Derivative Reference Sheet

Separation of Variables Instructions

100 Derivative/Integral Assignment

Exponential decay of caffeine


Quarter 4


Chapter 6


Topic: Slope Fields, Area between Curves and Volumes of Revolution

Book Lesson Documents Videos
  Chapter 6 Notes  
X Slope Fields Packet for Slope Fields  
6-1 Area between curves Homework Solutions  
6-2 Volumes of revolutions Homework Solutions  


CPP Final Exam Review

PDF YouTube

AP Exam Review


TI-83 Programs, AP Preparation and End of Year Projects

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