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  • No summer work for the this school year.
  • A Graphing Calculator is required for this course. A TI-83 is recommended.

Quarter 1


Chapter 1


Topics: Limits

Lesson Topic Documents Video
121 Limit Basics PDF  
131 Limits with Infinitely Close Values PDF  
132 Limits and Algebra PDF  
133 One Sided Limits PDF  
134 Squeeze Theorem PDF  
  Quiz 1 Practice PDF youtube
141 Continuity PDF  
142 Intermediate Value Theorem PDF  
143 Removable Discontinuities PDF  
151 Limits with Infinite Outputs - graphical and tabular analysis PDF  
152 Limits with Infinite Outputs - function analysis PDF  
153 Limits with Infinite Inputs PDF  
154 Limits with Infinite Inputs - function analysis PDF  
  Quiz 2 Practice PDF youtube
201 Derivative as Approximate Rate of Change PDF  
202 Turning Approxiate Rate of Change into Instantaneous Rate of Change PDF  
  Quiz 3 Practice PDF youtube
211 Features of Derivative graphs PDF  
212 Formal Definition of a Derivative (Difference Quotient) PDF  
213 When is a function differentiable PDF  
  Quiz 4 Practice PDF youtube link
  Extra Resource - Discovery of Calculus Video   youtube link

Exam 1 Review - Use Quiz Reviews 1,2,3,4


Chapter 2


Topics: Derivative Rules and Related Rates [sections 2-2 to 2-6]

Lesson Topic Documents Video
221 Power Rule PDF  
222 Power Rule with Algebra, Sine, Cosine PDF  
223 More Practice PDF  
224 Relating the derivative to physics PDF  
225 Physics and unit analysis PDF  
231 Product Rule PDF  
232 Quotient Rule PDF  
233 Combinations of Rules PDF  
234 Physics and Unit Analysis PDF  
235 AP Style Questions PDF  
241 Chain Rule PDF  
242 Chain Rule with Trigonometry PDF  
243 Rewriting equations (Algebra) to use the Chain Rule PDF  
244 AP Style Questions PDF  
  Quiz 5 Practice PDF youtube link
251 Implicit Differentiation PDF  
252 Implicit Differentiation Day 2 PDF  
253 AP Style Questions PDF  
254 Second Derivatives using Implicit Differentiation PDF  
261 Beginning Related Rates PDF  
262 Related Rates PDF  
  Common Related Rate Formulas (Quick Quiz) PDF  
263 Related Rates - Trigonometry and Proportion Questions PDF  
264 AP Style Questions PDF  
  Quiz 6 Practice PDF youtube link
  Derivative Reference Sheet PDF  

Quarter 2


Chapter 3


Topics: Applications of Derivatives

Lesson Topic Documents Video
311 Critical Points PDF  
312 Extreme Value Theorem PDF  
321 Mean Value Theorem PDF  
331 First Derivative Test with intervals of increasing/decreasing PDF  
332 More Practice PDF  
333 AP Style Questions PDF  
341 Intervals of Concavity PDF  
342 Second Derivative Test PDF  
343 AP Style Questions PDF  
351 Curve Sketching PDF  
  Quiz 7 Practice PDF youtube link

Exam 2 Review - Use Quiz Reviews 5, 6, 7

Lesson Topic Documents Video
371 Optimization Day 1 PDF  
372 Optimization Day 2 PDF  
373 Optimization Day 3 PDF  
374 Optimization Day 4 PDF  
375 Optimization Day 5 PDF  
391 Differential Equations PDF  
  Quiz 8 Review PDF youtube link

Quarter 3


Chapter 4


Topic: Indefinate Integrals, Reimann Sums, Definite Integrals, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, U-Substitution.

Lesson Topic Documents Videos
411 Antiderivatives with plus c PDF  

Antiderivatives with solving for c

421 Sigma Notation PDF  
422 Riemann Sums - Left/Right Rule PDF  
423 Riemann Sums - Midpoint/Trapezoidal Rule PDF  
424 Riemann Sums - Calculator and From Tables PDF  
  Riemann Sum Project in Google Classroom    
431 Definite Integrals PDF  
441 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (FTC) - part 1 PDF  
442 FTC - Average Value and bounded graphs PDF  
443 FTC - Accumulation functions, total area PDF  
444 FTC - part 2 PDF  
  Recommended Review and AP Questions PDF  
  Quiz 9 Review PDF youtube
451 Integration with substitution PDF  
452 Integration with substitution - rewriting limits PDF  
453 Integration with substitution - tougher problems PDF  
  Recommended Review PDF  
  Quiz 10 Review PDF youtube
461 Applications - physics PDF  
462 Applications - business / economics PDF  
463 Applications - other PDF  

Exam 3 Review - Use Quiz 8, 9, 10 and click for more: pdf video



Chapter 5


Topic: Derivation and Integration with other functions Derivative Reference Sheet

Lesson Topic Documents Videos
511-512 Derivatives with e^x and ln(x) PDF  
521-522 Integrals with e^x and ln(x) PDF  
523 Recommended Review PDF  
531 Derivatives with inverse functions PDF  
  Quiz 11 Review PDF youtube
551 Review of Logarithm and Exponentials PDF  
552 Derivatives with exponentials and logs (not e) PDF  
553 Derivatives with exponentials and logs (not e) day 2 PDF  
554 logarithmic differentiation PDF  
561 Differential Equation Basics PDF  
562 Proportional Relationships PDF  
563 Separation of Variables PDF  
564 Separation of Variables with initial conditions PDF  
565 Differential Equation Applications PDF  
566 Recommended Review and AP Practice PDF  
581 Inverse Trig Derivatives and Integrals PDF  
591 Hyperbolic Trig Derivatives and Integrals PDF  
592 Recommended Review and AP Practice PDF  

100 Derivative/Integral Assignment


Quarter 4


Chapter 6


Topic: Slope Fields, Area between Curves and Volumes of Revolution

Book Lesson Documents Videos
601 Slope Fields PDF  
611 Area Between Curves PDF  
612 Volumes of solids with known cross sections PDF  
621 Volumes of revolutions around the x-axis PDF  
622 Volumes of revolutions not tight to the x-axis PDF  
623 Volumes of revolutions around the y-axis PDF  
624 Volumes of revlutions about a given line PDF  
681 L'Hospital's Rule PDF  
  Quiz 12 Review PDF youtube

Exam 4 Review - Use Quiz 11, 12 and click for more: PDF


CPP Final Exam Review




AP Exam Review

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