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  • Summer Work Directions
  • No summer work for the this school year.
  • A Graphing Calculator is required for this course. A TI-83 is recommended.

Quarter 1


Chapter 1


Topics: Limits

Book Lesson Documents Video
  Chapter 1 Notes  
1-2 Limits on graphs and table 1-2A B  
1-3 Limits by substitution and simplification 1-3A B  
1-5 Infinite limits and one-sided limits 1-5A B  
  Quiz 1 Practice Q1 Review youtube link
1-4 Continuity, Piecewise Functions 1-4A B C  
  Quiz 2 Practice Q2 Review youtube link
3-5 End behavior 3-5A B  
1-0 IVT, Precise Definition of Limit, Derivative as rate 1-X A B  
  Quiz 3 Practice Q3 Review youtube link
2-1 Formal Definition of a Derivative, Derivative graphs 2-1 A B C  
  Quiz 4 Practice Q4 Review youtube link
  Exam 1 Review See Reviews 1,2,3,4 see videos 1,2,3,4
  Exam 1    

Discovery of Calculus video
A limit on life expectancy


Chapter 2


Topics: Derivative Rules and Related Rates [sections 2-2 to 2-6]

Book Lesson Documents Video
  Chapter 2 Notes  
2-2 Power Rule HW ABCDE  
2-3 Product Rule & Quotient Rule HW ABCD  
2-4 Chain Rule HW ABC  
  Quiz 5 Practice Q5 Review youtube link
2-5 Implicit Differentiation HW ABCD  
2-6 Related Rates
Common Related Rate Formulas (Quick Quiz)
  Quiz 6 Practice Q6 Review youtube link

Derivative Reference Sheet
Proofs of Derivative Rules
60 Derivatives Packet


Quarter 2


Chapter 3


Topics: Applications of Derivatives

Book Lesson Documents Video
  Chapter 3 Notes  
3-1 Critical Points, EVT HW AB  
3-2 MVT HW AB  
3-3 First Derivative Test, Inflection Points,
First Derivative Test Guide Paper
HW AB Population and Concavity
3-4 Concavity, Inflection Points HW AB  
  Projects - Ebola and Diabetes PDF  
3-5 Curve Sketching PDF  
  Quiz 7 Practice Q7 Review youtube link
  Exam 2 Review See reviews 5,6,7 see videos 5,6,7
  Exam 2 (This is the midterm)    


Book Lesson HW and Key Video


Optimization Packet Cool Optimization of an Aluminum Can Video
3-9 Differential Equations    
  Applications to economics, science, and medicine   Calculus in Finance
Debt and the Deficit
  Quiz 8 Review PDF youtube link

Quarter 3


Chapter 4


Topic: Indefinate Integrals, Reimann Sums, Definite Integrals, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, U-Substitution.

Lesson Topic Documents Class
411 Antiderivatives with plus c PDF 4-1    

Antiderivatives with solving for c

PDF 4-1    
421 Sigma Notation PDF 4-2    
422 Riemann Sums - Left/Right Rule PDF 4-2    
423 Riemann Sums - Midpoint/Trapezoidal Rule PDF 4-2    
424 Riemann Sums - Calculator and From Tables PDF 4-2    
  Riemann Sum Project in Google Classroom        
431 Definite Integrals PDF 4-3    
441 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (FTC) - part 1 PDF 4-4    
442 FTC - Average Value and bounded graphs PDF 4-4    
443 FTC - Accumulation functions, total area PDF 4-4    
444 FTC - part 2 PDF 4-4    
  Recommended Review and AP Questions PDF 4-4    
  Quiz 9 Review PDF     youtube
451 Integration with substitution PDF 4-5    
452 Integration with substitution - rewriting limits PDF 4-5    
453 Integration with substitution - tougher problems PDF 4-5    
  Recommended Review PDF      
  Quiz 10 Review PDF     youtube
461 Applications - physics PDF      
462 Applications - business / economics PDF      
463 Applications - other PDF      
  Exam 3 Review - use quiz 8, 9, and 10 to review Extra Problems     youtube
  Exam 3        

Proofs for Integrals



Chapter 5


Topic: Derivation and Integration with other functions

Book Lesson Documents Videos
511-512 Derivatives with e^x and ln(x) PDF  
521-522 Integrals with e^x and ln(x) PDF  
523 Recommended Review PDF  
531 Derivatives with inverse functions PDF  
  Quiz 11 Review PDF youtube
551-554 Derivatives with exponentials and logs (not e) PDF  
561 Differential Equation Basics PDF  
562 Proportional Relationships PDF  
563 Separation of Variables PDF  
564 Separation of Variables with initial conditions PDF  
565 Differential Equation Applications PDF  
566 Recommended Review and AP Practice PDF  
581 Inverse Trig Derivatives and Integrals PDF  
591 Hyperbolic Trig Derivatives and Integrals PDF  
592 Recommended Review and AP Practice PDF  

Homework Solutions

Derivative Reference Sheet

Separation of Variables Instructions

100 Derivative/Integral Assignment

Exponential decay of caffeine


Quarter 4


Chapter 6


Topic: Slope Fields, Area between Curves and Volumes of Revolution

Book Lesson Documents Videos
601 Slope Fields PDF  
611 Area Between Curves PDF  
612 Volumes of solids with known cross sections PDF  
621 Volumes of revolutions around the x-axis PDF  
622 Volumes of revolutions not tight to the x-axis PDF  
623 Volumes of revolutions around the y-axis PDF  
624 Volumes of revlutions about a given line PDF  
681 L'Hospital's Rule PDF  
  Quiz 12 Review PDF youtube
  Exam 4 Review - use quiz 11 and 12 to review Extra Practice PDF  
  Exam 4    


CPP Final Exam Review

PDF YouTube

AP Exam Review


TI-83 Programs, AP Preparation and End of Year Projects

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